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April 15, 2013
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TWD - Prey by noblestallion TWD - Prey by noblestallion
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Thought this was over? Like hell it is.
This only just begun. And when shit goes down in the fallen angel's stories, it goes down a lot.
This happens after the mandatory Norway entry. If you want to keep track of how the story goes, go here - [link]

roleplay with *cyprussian. She wrote Helena.

Seth was in his tent, rolling around. Trying to fall asleep hasn't become a success to him that night, he was considerably cold even under all the layers of blankets and sleeping bags. This was a no sleep night for him, for sure. Laying still, he would have thought everybody was asleep by then, but something was odd. There was a distant sound of crounching snow outside the tent, somewhat wrong to accompany it to a human. Maybe a loose horse? No, this sounded too small and too silent for such a big animal. Seth sat up. Could it be? And then he heard it, the alerting whinny of a horse pierced the air, followed by an angry snarl and growl. Wolfs. Helena was right, they really were hungry. And then Seth froze. He could hear his breath becoming harsher and harsher as he tried to desperately look for his rifle. Helena. Where is she? He finally regained his senses, adrenaline bursting up as he sneaked out of his tent, alert about the wolfes. Where's Helena. He had to find her.

The darkness came fast this far up north, and while Helena had thrown the last piece of wood on the bunfire outside her tent, she couldn't help but thinking about the short distance back home. Only a few days more in these mountains, then she would be home again, with herself in the middle of a hot bath. She stayed awake this night, not because of bad sleeping habits, but because she had seen the warning paw prints in the snow, not only once but several times these last days. The last night they had camped, the sad cry of a wold had hit her like a rock by how close it started to sound. It worried her, while she saw the flames eat the last piece of wood and slowly die out, that if the wolves were this hungry, they were highly unpredictable. Suddenly, she heard what she had feared the most and why she had chosen to stay on guard tonight. The horses whined. Helena's instincts awoke and she grabed her rifle. The participants safety, the horses health and perhaps the worry about a special someone having his tent on the outside of the group got her quickly to her feet and with the rifle held to her chest, she ran through the camp.

Seth saw the wolf, indeed he did. It was chasing a poor, unfortunate horse that has somehow gotten out of the ropes. But he knew full well that wolves don't hunt alone. He could picture the flush on adrenaline rising on the features of his face as he started to sprint. His fingers were steady on the old winchester rifle he's gotten from his brother before going down here. More people got out of their tents and he heard the first shot. So it started, the wolves attacked full on. Few more turns around the tents and he saw her. "Helena!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs as he accelerated towards her.

The cold air she breathed felt like knifes in her lungs, but she could not stop, the dark shadow flashed before her eyes and she realized it had been the wolf, chasing it's poor prey in the hope of getting his whiteglowing fangs in it's flesh. Then came the chaos. People got out of their tents, the horses acted up, frightened by the smell all horses recognize with their oldest instincts that wil never be bred out of them. Helena threw herself away from the people and froze stiff by the first shot. No! She thought to herself. This could not be happening, but she realized that once the first wolf entered a hunting ground, the rest would start to follow. Through the chaos, she somehow heard a familiar voice shouting her name, and she spun around towards his Voice. "Seth?" she shouted back, unable to see him because of the people running in her way.

Never had Seth been so frustrated by other people. They were blocking his view, blocking his way. "Here!" He shouted again. He didn't care about the others, not this moment. He used his shoulders, elbows, even the rifle to push the others away, almost slipping on the snow here and there. And then he finally got close to her. "We have to get out of here!" He said, grabbing her wrist, looking around frantically.

Helena moved catlike through the scared crowd, but Seth came to her first. Her eyes showed both relief that they had finally found each other in the massive riot of wolves and preys, but his words made her almost angry. "What?!" She stared at him for a second, holding her rifle close. Behind her, she could hear another shot being fired. "what the hell are you talking about?" she demanded to know. "We got to help the others, there's a battlefield out there!" she added, her eyes not moving an inch from his face. More horses got lose, more wolves were approaching, and yet he was talking about fleeing?

Seth breathed hard, holding himself from yelling again. The hold on her wrist tightened as he closed his eyes for a second a took a deep breath. Of course he knew that, of course he wanted to help others but he couldn't just say -We have to get 'you' out of here.- Another shot. Another angry howl. Another scream from the riders. "You're not going there." He declared, not retrieving his hand. He knew she's angry, but he just didn't care this very moment. "Not while I'm here."

Her eyes narrowed, not sure if she was shocked by his words or just simply angry about his declraration, but she also had friends in there, there were innocent horses running dead scared from hungry mouths. She took a deep breath, shaking her head and removing her wrist from his grip. "Im sorry Seth, but I cant watch innocent people get hurt or even killed" she answered rapidly. With a sure movement she pulled off the safety on her modified Mauser 98k with her grandfathers initials carved into the wooden stock and took a step back without removing her eyes from Seth. "Fight or flight Seth, it's your call" There was something sorry in her voice.

Seth snarled, letting go of her wrist. She probably took him for a coward now, not realising he actually cared. "Fine." The noise came from somewhere deep in his throat. "Fine..." He was still floating on a cloud of relief that he finally got to her, to have her back and safe next to him, but this very moment he's gotten himself into a situation he didn't know how to get out of. He, for once, had absolutely no idea what to do. An ear tearing horse whine echoed through the air, followed by panicked shouts. And then he heard slow, silent steps closing in on them.

For a moment she was unable to speak. The feeling she experienced by the tone of his voice gave her chills down the spine and for once she wondered to herself if maybe she had gone too far. However, deep inside her was a betreyal voice telling her running away with Seth was the only reasonable thing to do, but no. She had to be a stubborn ass in a situation like this. She cut the voice off. No, he would understand, he HAD to understand, if only they got out of this alive. And then, from the shades came a pair of yellow eyes with white fangs covered in saliva from a famine predator. Helena's heart skipped a beat in primitive fear. "S...SETH!"

Seth had known already, of course he had. The animal behind him made it's presence known. And yet, his mind raced over the possibilites, he was still somewhat shaken from the short, yet profound argue, but he couldn't step aside, the wolf would have a clear jump at Helena then. He glanced over his shoulder the moment the wolf sprung, he didn't have the time to ready his rifle, instead he pushed Helena aside, lowering himself and hiding his face so the animal wouldn't land on his chest. He felt the paws against his shoulder blades and he could hear the fabric tearing apart with sharp teeth. God bless winter clothing, it didn't get to the skin at least. With all the force he could manage, he pushed up, throwing the animal down, looking for Helena second after.

Helena didn't believe what she saw, and for a moment the whole sequence was put in slow motion. Her lips separated to scream his name, but not a single word managded to escape, as if her lungs were empty. She wanted to pull Seth away from the wolf, but knew the wolf would get back to them faster than they could get away. One option was left. It felt like moving in viscous glue when she finally were able to place the gun in her shoulder. Her breathing changed in an instant, from gasping panicked to a steady long breath. The whitefanged beasts snarled grim when he was thrown down from his possible feast. Helena lowered her shoulders. The aftermath of the animals fangs and claws on Seth's outfit filled her with a sort of hatred she had never felt before. Never had she experienced such a determination to kill, to take a life for the pure sake of avenge. The wolf moved, but so did her trigger finger.

Seth felt himself fall on one knee, expecting the beast tearing on his throat any second now. But it didn't and the moment he looked up, he heard a bursting shot mere centimeters away from him and saw the wolf fall with a vicious scream, until the sound turned into a gurgling growl and slowly died out. Seth was surprised by finding himself, yet again, staring a hole into Helena's face. She just saved him. His life. The sensation he felt just then couldn't be described, he was, once and for all, completely blank of thoughts. More shots. More screaming. It triggered him out of the daze, pushing him on his legs again."This isn't the end," He murmured, avoiding to look at her. "Ready your rifle, I have to find my horse."

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Helena *cyprussian

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Dark-funhouse Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm from Norway :3

Anyway, this is a great piece. Love the story, and Seth is awesome :D
EternalStarTrail Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Seth.... and Helena of course, are badasses O_O *strs and picture and story* Wolfie made one hell of a mistake lol Gorgeous picture and story!!!
naomithewolf Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
holy cow, why are you such an amazing artist? it's not fair *hides in corner*
cyprussian Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All this epicness, all the drama! and, in the middle of it all, YOU HAVE INSANE SKILLS ON HUMAN ANATOMY. have me excused if you find me nomming on the whole rp. I'll try not to slobber.
Kamieno Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness...
Seth, you're a hero! :dummy:
The text was a pleasure to read, and Seth and Helina look awesome. So does that big bad wolf ;P
Winter-Pine-Farms Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Oh dear god, wow a lot of happened! I'm glad they're both okay, and I hope the horses are to! that was a very close shot. The picture is amazing and the writing it was great :clap: You've both done very well indeed ^-^ I hope to see more Helena and Seth. I must admit, it is very strange to see Seth react the way does but yet at the same time its also strange to see Helena react the way she does!
amour-interdit Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ha you and I have similar plans. TWD may be officially over, but I'm still working on pictures for it for my own benefit.
.... btw... how would Sweetie react to the wolves? Kyoya would kick butt, but I don't want him to cower or fight if he wouldn't do that.
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