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July 6, 2012
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.:: Swingin' ::. by noblestallion .:: Swingin' ::. by noblestallion
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Finished 6th :)
Let me just die a little.
My entry for mapal's Summer Dressage Show 2012. Almost drove me crazy, but it's Ilu and Joey and I love those two to no end, so I wanted to at least give them some chances with a good entry :aww:


Summer Dressage show was a big deal for everyone. That was given. The weather didn't help a bit as well, being either too hot, or rainy. The riders should have been nervous to no end and yet, even with the consideration of the event being as huge as it was, the mood was great.

And the same went with Joey. It occured to him that normally, he would be panicking about having things done, the horse being okay and everything in place. But now? He was literally lazing around on the bay mare, waiting for the right time to start seriously warming her up.

"Hey, buddy." He heard a familiar voice and glanced to the side to see Seth approaching him. The tall man had his hair clipped up, which was unusual for his style, but Joey had to chuckle on that. He knew how much Seth hated this weather.

"Hey." The boy replied, straightening in the saddle. Ilu leaned to Seth, wondering if he brought some horse candy for her.

"How do you feel?" Seth asked, patting the mare who poked him with her muzzle.

"Surprisingly fine. I mean... Ilu is doing great, I'm doing great. I am pretty sure we'll do good."

"Haha, don't outrun yourself, mate." Seth pointed out, but the tone of his voice was chilled. "You'll do good, just make sure you'll do better than the others."

"What are you, my mom? Since when did you start giving me tips." Joey laughed. "I thought I was the one training you."

Seth grinned on that. "You was. And unlike you, I won the very first dressage show I ever was in."

Joey threw his leg out of the stirrup and jokingly threw it up as if he was about to kick Seth in the shoulder. The one-eyed man stepped back and laughed. Joey sure looked like more of a ninja then a rider at that moment. "That was just a beginner's luck. And I didn't have her when I started competing." Joseph said, pointing at the mare he sat on.

"You're right on that." Seth smiled. Joey collected the reins and patted the mare for the last time before nodding to his friend.

"I know I am. Now if you excuse me, I'll warm her up before she goes for the headlines again."


=mapal's Summer Dressage Show 2012:
Star Showdown | class 9 | #902
Kür music: Swingin' Man
Horse: FAS 1 Thing 2 Do 3 Words 4 You I Love You
Rider: Joseph Cameron Harm
Stables: Fallen Angel Stables
Czech republic (CZE)

Tools of trade

-Tools Of Trade-
Gimp 2.0 ; Paint Tool Sai
Wacom Intuos4 S A6 and a mouse
36 layers ; about 20 hours of work
Ilu, Joey & Story © *noblestallion

All Rights reserved. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, edit, publish save or upload on any place without my personal written permission. Any violation of these terms will be seen as breaking the copyright law.
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I want your paint program!! :eager:
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I love it
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Wow, it's so realistic!=O
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Beautiful, I love the feel and realism of this, yet I can clearly see your style in this. Did you shade this in GIMP? I use it as well, and your art really inspires me to keep drawing :aww:
JitkaH Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Impossible! Love it so much! :+fav:
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Wow!! Holy shit! This looks fantastic!I love it.

May be ,you can do a tutorial about shading AND lightning?? (On YT there is the basics...)

P.S Sorry for my bad English.. xD
VieraBo-nie Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tohle je opravdu perfektní...nikdo nedokáže takhle přesně nakreslit koně v anime stylu...
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