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August 20, 2011
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Fool for Fools by noblestallion Fool for Fools by noblestallion
Omg it's SO much fun...this tablet =3=
Here I go with a horsey bid :la: This one is pretty special, because the breed comes from my country and from the place where FAS is placed :lmao: and also... holy shmoly he's a perlino, acts like a girly male and he's just gorgeous.
People, meet SDS Blázen. :heart:
The story has some words in czech lol. Since the pony is czech breed and my stable is in czech republic xD


"What do you mean, a new horse?" Zillah said and looked suspiciously at her white haired co-worker.

"I mean what I said. SDS is selling some horses and I think I found a pretty..." He stopped and took a deep breath.
"VERY pretty horsey. You'll like him, Zeze."

"Him? So it's a stallion." Zillah mourned and rested her head on her hands. "Joseph, I told you we have already too much stallions. We need mares."

One would expect Joey's face to go into a unpleasant grimace, but a slight smirk appeared on his lips. "You don't believe me, do you?" a pair of chestnut brown yes pierced trough his gaze. "Let me show you."

Joey took a step forward and literally shoved Zillah away just so he could get to the pc. He started clicking and writing on the keyboard like crazy. Zillah tapped with her long nails on the wooden table and sighed. That boy never learns.

"Well, here he is." Joey said and stopped clicking. Zillah leaned over to see better.

"That on- oh." She couldn't help but let out a little whistle. "Perlino hm? We didn't have such colored horse at Fallen Angel yet. What breed is he?

"Kinský kůň." He said, his eyes drooling over that photo.

"Kinský!? Didn't Aki ride in Equus Kinsky?" Zillah said, her face showing a surprise. Joey looked at her like -wtf- and moaned.

"I did too, you know. That's why I am interested in that boy."

"But he was born in SDS, wasn't he?"

"Does that matter? He's purebred."

"We have too much stallions Joey."

"Yes, because YOU bought them."

"Because YOU came every time like -OMG must have-"

"Since when."

"Since always, darling."

Joey's eyebrow twitched and he looked from the photo at his boss.


"Not that face."


"How old is he?"



Joey made a =3= face. "Dressage, but could do good in endurance and jumping too... you know... Kinský."



"Wha- pft. Hahaha. This suits you more! Geez Joey..."

"Pleaaaase. Zillah.

Zillah sighed and looked from the photo of the lovely stallion at her young rider, who's face was all like -omg if she doesn't accept, I might just go and die-



"You better shut up and leave, before I change my mind."

Joey exploded into happy hyperness, hugged Zillah and pranced to the office's door, but stopped for a moment, before leaving.



"Díky." He said, grinning like an idiot, before he left the room. Zillah then looked at the stallion's photo again.
"Yes, that horse's name suits you quite well."


-this info will be official only if we get him.

Name:FAS SDS Blázen
Stable name: JB, Fool
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Kinský kůň
Origin: Belgium
Height: 171 cm
Age: 5 years
Dam: SDS Zlato královna
Sire: SDS Wikont
Rolled talent: 86
-With some training, he'll be great in dressage and we think if he takes some training in endurance too, he might be good in that too.
Color: Perlino
Genotype: Ee Aa CrCr
Markings: N/A
Eyes: Blue
Physical Appearance: : Typical equus kinsky build. Noble head with lively eyes and ears, nicely connected neck and back and strong, long legs. Especially his hind legs show quality as he's very strong on them.

Theme song: Sevensound - Radši si to píšu


-copied from Silmes. I'll change this if we get him and know him better
Tolo is a weird stallion. sometimes we think he's a mare in a stallions body.
He's extremely clean. all the dirt and dropping in his stable can be found on one spot. and it looks like he's proud that everything is on one place, like he want to help with cleaning the stables. so cleaning his stable is the best to clean ...almost no work.
He also don't show real intrest in mare. you can walk easily next to them with him without that he will give a reaction. he will sniff at them, but even then he doesn't show a reaction. also his neigh is very loud and high. not as low as a stallions neigh should sound like. his neigh is one of kins and when you here it you immidiatly know it's Blázen.
though even when this stallion is very relaxed, he can show some skittish reactions. when something new comes to him, he tries to get far away from it, so that he can look at it very a distance untill he knows it will not hurt him. he will always snort when someting is wrong, so you can easily see when he's scared or not ...


Patient :bulletgreen: --- Adaptive :bulletblack: --- Competitive :bulletgreen: --- Playful :bulletgreen: --- Talkative :bulletgreen:
Leadership :bulletred: --- Temper :bulletblack: --- Towards Mares :bulletgreen: --- Towards Stallions :bulletgreen:
Towards children :bulletgreen: --- Cooperative :bulletgreen: --- Braveness :bulletblack: --- Appetite :bulletgreen: --- Wisdom :bulletblack:

Exterior :bulletgreen: --- Walk :bulletblack: --- Trot :bulletgreen: --- Canter :bulletgreen: --- Gallop :bulletblack:
Jump :bulletgreen: --- Lunge :bulletgreen: --- Groundwork :bulletgreen: --- Mount :bulletgreen:

Handling :bulletgreen: --- Grooming :bulletgreen: --- Tacking :bulletgreen: --- Saddling :bulletgreen: --- Shaving/cutting/braiding :bulletblack:
Washing/Water :bulletblack: --- Transport :bulletblack: --- Feeding :bulletgreen: --- Vet :bulletblack: --- Ferrier :bulletgreen:
Fetch in Pasture :bulletgreen: --- Stable Behavior :bulletgreen: --- Pasture Behavior :bulletgreen:

Indoor Riding :bulletgreen: --- Outdoor riding :bulletgreen: --- Traffic Riding :bulletgreen: --- Group Riding :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Good :bulletblack: Indifferent/normal :bulletred: Bad

General Information:

Owner: Joseph Cameron Harm
Breeder: Silmes Dragon Stables
Stable: Fallen Angel stables
Trainer: Joseph Cameron Harm/Zillah Gright/Diego Williams
Rider: Joseph Cameron Harm

HARPG Career:


Breeding Information:

Breeding status/For lease: :bulletred: CLOSED:bulletred:
will not inherit identical markings. Might inherit his/her colors.
-The foals will be designed by me, their design will be based on both parents' genetics.
-Only realistic horses accepted.


-Tools Of Trade-
Gimp 2.0 ; Paint Tool Sai
Wacom Intuos4 S A6 ; mouse
15 layers ; about 3 hours of work
Art & Story © Michelle Grün aka *noblestallion
Background photo is mine
Blázen © *SilmesDragonStable

All Rights reserved. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, edit, publish save or upload on any place without my personal written permission. Any violation of these terms will be seen as breaking the copyright law.

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What a beautiful boy! <3 I'm incredibly jealous of the way you do the shading. ;3

Glad to see I'm not the only owner of a Kinsky, haha! It's a pity they're not very well known.
Evaae Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So awesome. It's a really nice work ! But I've a question for you, are you keeping the line ?
noblestallion Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Keeping the line?
xAiedail Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It's such a good drawing!! You are awesome!! ^v^
And makes me feel like a newbie with my horsedrawings beside yours.. 0w0
The eyes are adorable, and you'd made some really good shadows as well. :iconiloveyouplz:
AmigoGirl Aug 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i looooooooove your shading style
Sozki Aug 26, 2011  Student
That's one beautiful horse OwO
love him <3
Aomori Aug 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, what a cute eyes he has :love:
noblestallion Aug 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :iconyayzplz:
AnimalArtKingdom Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You've drawn this pose and view very well. I love how everything is placed and shows. Like how well the head is emphasized and stands out from the body. The the horse is actually reaching for you. Great work :D
Awww. Dat face! :love:
Seriously, his look is darn adorable!
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