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December 26, 2012
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When was the last chapter uploaded? In september? oh well...

This chapter is, in advance, impossibly long. 4k words... so if you read the whole thing, I'll love you forever haha.

Shiravi was written by =mapal



Three days passed in the Fallen Angel since Zillah talked with Lionel. Three considerably calm days, so to say. The ferriers worked as they should, the trainers and riders did their duty as well and everyone was silent. It seemed like the calm before the storm.

Lionel paced the courtyard, biting his nail as he kept looking towards the main gate. He was oddly nervous, be it the news about Joey Zillah told him or the fact that his new horse was to arrive any minute. Shiravi, the spirit horse they've got from Firelight, was on her way to the Fallen Angel and the blonde man was curious. Zillah surely must have had a reason for this, why else would he get a baroque horse when he himself was a show jumping rider. Shaking his head, he turned on a heel and paced back, creating a regular oval in his walk. He didn't know much about these spirit horses, only as much as that they were sensitive. Various types of the breed showing different personality prospects and most importantly, showing different kinds of powers.

The mare he was to get was of the Junither type, or so he was told. Lionel did his research of course, trying to gain as much information as possible. The Junithers were heavy built, nature loving horses. Lionel remembered almost choking on his coffee when he got to know that they're also able to grow plants and heal wounds. He's never got in touch with a supernatural horse before and there he was, strolling accross the courtyard like the bunch of nerves he was, waiting for such a creature to be his own. Spirit horses interested him, indeed, he just didn't understand. From what information he managed to gain, they were said to create a strong, almost unbreakable bond with one specific person. Lionel mumbled something under his breath and frowned, turning again. Zillah was plotting again and he didn't know if he should like it or not.

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-Tools Of Trade-
Paint Tool Sai ; GIMP 2.0
Wacom Intuos4 S A6
10+ layers ; about 2 hours of work
Shiravi, Joey, Lionel and others © Michelle Grün aka =noblestallion
Shiravi's design © =mapal

Follow me on tumblr to see sketches, wips and unposted art - [link]

All Rights reserved. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, edit, publish save or upload on any place without my personal written permission. Any violation of these terms will be seen as breaking the copyright law. In short, steal and die.

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Besides of the mare looking fantastic, I am overwhelmed by the story.
I really like how you manage to convey all those feelings.
Plus, I can really relate to Lionel now out of personal experience, so this is getting really interesting.
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I am glad you like the story ;) thank you :hug:
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