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March 20, 2012
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.:: Consequences ::. by noblestallion .:: Consequences ::. by noblestallion
There. No time for actual story pictures so this will have to do.
This horse really knows how to make me go for a rather realitstic drawings.. >.> This picture is a part of bigger one in making. The story however continues. Tension thickens. Enjoy.

BIG thank you to *EquineRibbon who accepted to be my Beta-reader for the stories.



Diego got reminded again how much he hated unordered things. After the accident, the stable went from sorted and fine to one huge chaos. Two riders out, one of them the main rider for competitions, meant a complete re-build of shedule for everyone.

Thankfully, Diego was a man of his word so when it seemed like the building will fall on their heads, he immediately got to work and sorted everyone to the new jobs and sheduled the horses. What bugged him was the fact that this shouldnít be his work. Heís a paperwork guy, sorting things like that is on the ownerís shoulders and yet, there he was, studying the time table and underlining finished sorting with a green marker.

When he was done, he sighed deeply in relief. This should do, he thought, but his face grimaced into frowning expression right after. Zillah, the owner and the one who should be sitting there in his place, was worrying him. The woman almost stopped eating, kept herself locked in her office and didnít even come down for dinners like she usually did. Diego would have thought it was because of the stress around the boys in hospital, but apparently it wasnít. In fact, she wasnít okay even before the accident.

Diego closed his eyes for a moment as he wanted to rest, but few minutes later a phone in the pocket on his hip started to ring. He took it out and put the phone to his ear.


"Diego? Hello. Could you find your brother and come with him to my office? Immediately please."

Talk of the devil. "Yes, Zillah, of course. Give me few minutes. Anything other youíd like? Coffee? I could bring you some food, thereís so-"

"No, itís fine, thank you. Just get there, both of you."

And that was it. He heard a beeping sound when she hung up and put the phone back in his pocket. This was not okay. He stood up and headed outside. The Fallen Angel mansion was huge. Too huge in fact, for the few people that actually lived there. Decorated with frescoes and surrounded by marble and stone statues, Diego had to wonder how old the building actually was. And how expensive. Not like he minded living there though. Ever since he joined the staff, the people there, horses and he would say even the place itself became his family. And to his own annoyance, it was falling apart now.

Nevertheless, the member of this family who Diego was actually blood tied with was the one the man was looking for. Rushing through the spacious foyer, he strode out into the courtyard, his eyes jumping from one working ferrier onto another until finally resting on a tall man sitting on the closest pasture fence, enjoying a sandwich or whatever was he eating.

"Seth!" Diego cried, raising a hand and waving.

The younger manís glance shot up and he immediately jumped off the fence, shoving the rest of his brunch into his mouth and chewing wildly before calling back.

"Yeah, yeah! Iíll get back to work, you donít have to scold me, Diego! "

Diego couldnít help but roll eyes at that. His silly younger brother. Never learns. He shook his head and gestured Seth to come to him.

"Itís Zillah." He answered calmly but strictly, watching as Seth stopped, looking him up and down, then nodding. Thankfully, the younger brother did have a brain. His problem was that it was surrounded by a bit too thick skull.

They both hurried back into the mansion, Seth soon a few steps ahead of the older man. Diego glanced at him. He didnít have a problem with the speed or the behaviour of his brother. What bugged him was that he had to glance up at him. Really, the boy grew up too fast. Diego tightened his lips as he little awkwardly had to run a bit after Seth. As he appeared to his side, he saw the taller boy smirk in the corner of his eye. Diego snorted and chuckled a little. Of course. Teasy peasy, arenít you, brother? Well there you go, you big kid. Iíll win.

They managed a record time, getting to their bossĎ office door. Diego leaned on the wall beside on one hand, breathing heavily, and Seth slumped back first onto it right next to him with a victorious expression building on his face. After a few sharp inhales, he choked back a triumphal laugh as he looked at his brother, cocking his head to side.

"Youíre getting old." He declared, making the older man straighten up and chuckled again. Diego shot Seth an amusingly scolding look, before knocking on the red tinted wooden door.

"Come in." Came the silent answer and as the brothers went into the office, Zillah raised her head, immediately changing expressions from focused, shocked and surprised to amused. She was a master of moods and expressions, really.

"Good God, donít tell me you two raced each other again." She asked, already knowing the answer.

"And guess who won." Said Seth, the irritatingly proud expression still flickering over his face. Diego just rolled his eyes again and they both took a seat in front of the spacious mahogany table that worked as Zillahís main work space. She waited for them to settle down, her expression changing back to the one Diego saw on her for these past few weeks. Tired, stressed and hurt.

"Okay, listen you two. I have some things I need you to do and some we need to talk about. Most importantly, thank you, Diego, for the sheduling. I couldnít have done it better." The man nodded at that and the corner of his lip flickered for a second into something what might have been a smile. "Next. As much as I donít want to even think about it, weíre down two riders."

The brothers shared a quick glance at each other, unsure if they should say something on that matter. Zillah however decided for them as she continued.

"Joey was supposed to go to Misty Meadows Stables for the Top Horse of the Year competition with Ilu and Ramiel. But well, as fate would have it, weíre now where we are and even though theyíre both Josephís horses, I do want these two to enter." She sighed and took a short pause to keep herself composed. Both the boys could see it wasnít anything easy to talk about for her. "Diego, youíre taking the mare. Out of anyone in the stables, except for the owner of course, youíre the one whoíll fit with her the most."

Diego nodded again in agreement. He expected he would have to go out of habits of being a trainer only anyway.

"And you, Seth, will take the stallion. Heís young, lightheaded, but has huge potential and talent," she chuckled a little. "So, I guess there canít be anyone better to fit with him than you. The information about the event is on the corkboard downstairs. Youíre leaving tomorrow, 11 pm, so you get there in time."

Seth nodded as well and sighed a little. Diego knew why. His brother loved Fox, the stallion he was now approved to compete with, but he was just as well fond of his owner. He and Joseph were in fact a great friends and knowing that he has to ride his horse because of such consequences was hurting him on the inside.

"Iíll go and braid him then. Just so I donít have to rush it tomorrow when we get back from the hospital." Seth said, standing up and turning to leave. But Diego stopped him, putting a reassuring hand on the younger brotherís arm before letting him go.

"What time are we going to the hospital?" Diego asked when the door closed and he was left with his boss in the office.

Zillah sat back in her chair and sighed again. "7 am. I talked to the staff there, they know weíre busy with the stables so theyíll let us see him in the morning. They also moved him from Thomayerís to IKEM."

"Isnít IKEM right next to St.Thomayerís?" Diego asked, cocking his head in thought.

"Yes, but IKEM is a lot more specialized on such patients. In... a coma I mean.ď

Diego glanced at Zillah with a thoughtful look. "Zillah, you donít look okay. What is it?"

"Do you have to ask?" She said a little sharper than usual, but immediately looked away, hiding her face in hands and breathing slowly, apparently keeping herself from crying.

Diego got on his feet and walked past the table behind her chair, resting both his hands on each of her shoulders. "Donít worry, theyíre going to be okay. Both of them."

Then he felt the woman break into sobs as she raised her right hand to rest in on his ownís palm and tried to whisper. "Itís not that, Diego. I want to sell the stable."



-Tools Of Trade-
Paint Tool Sai
Wacom Intuos4 S A6
17 layers ; about 5 hour of work
Characters, story © Michelle GrŁn aka *noblestallion

Follow me on tumblr to see sketches, wips and unposted art - [link]

All Rights reserved. You are not allowed to reproduce, copy, edit, publish save or upload on any place without my personal written permission. Any violation of these terms will be seen as breaking the copyright law. In short, steal and die.

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TheLastStarlighter Jan 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I LOVE this painting! I'm subscribed to your youtube channel and you do the most beautiful horse paintings I've seen! I soooo wish I could paint like this 0.o
LokiTheDemon Sep 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Very Beautiful, I certainly enjoy your Horse Drawings. Very Lovely and may I say.. You have a Very special Talent!
Well Done!! Keep up the Outstanding Work!
omGod I love your horses !!! just beautiful
EquusDrawer Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, owo So Beautyfull. :o
Pennybridge-Art Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's AMAZING!Just watched your greyscale tutorial and it helped ALOT!Clap :happybounce: Hug 
How you make them??
Leloowe May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is sooo awesome!
LovelyDanny Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good lord Noble this is just BEAUTIFUL!! i love your style and the detail and effort you put into your drawings to make them seem like they are alive! you have amazed me once more!
Simply amazing! :O
The way you draw shading is outstanding. A really great job
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